Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi!! Hope you are all enjoying the month of December, it's super cold in Phoenix, brr.
I worked with a new photographer doing a different kind of shoot a few days ago. We did a sports theme, kind of like the new Nike ads which feature more fun and whimsical models vs the old track and field style ha! Instead of clean athletic faces they've added some fun eye shadows or in my case I did different colored lips. This is what I want to talk about, mixing colors for different lip colors, how the colors play into the theme and how to choose an off beat color say orange or black.

On our shoot the way I chose lip colors were inspiration from the outfit and what would look good with the models skin tone and eye color. So in the first set up I chose hot pink, it was a dominant color in the clothes and the model has blue eyes so you can see how it would compliment both. Second set up was purple and third lip color was neon green. All of these colors look great with lighter skin tone and blue eyes in check with the color wheel. I was happy with the selections, they all worked well.

Let's talk about making those colors as they were more on the neon, loud side and not readily available in my kit. I've been working with Lip Tars by O.C.C. recently and have been thrilled with the results. The Lip Tars have an incredible consistancy and don't stay glossy or as movable as a regular clear gloss, in fact I didn't have to touch up for each color. They turn into a satin finish that isn't as emolliant as your typical gloss. I used a white based Lip Tar for the first two colors which made them lighter and gave them some opacity that clear gloss does not. I had made the green prior to the shoot with several other colors but using just clear gloss, I liked it the least. Making fun colors is a pretty simple process, use a pigment (most intense color form of an eye shadow) and mix with a gloss of some sort to get the desired color. Now that there are different base colors available there really is no limit to what you can make.

Here are a few photos from the shoot. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking in with me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorry so long... blogging isn't my strength!

So, I've worked a bunch over the summer. I can hardly believe we are into the holidays already.

I've had some good fortune with the opportunity to shoot with new photographers whom I really admire; Nicolle Clemetson, Nikolai, Evan Gunville, Marcus Hoffman, Giulio, and Leon Lucero. The photos you see above are some examples from these talents. I've had a blast. I can't forget to say I've also been happy to work with some favorites like Alex Bussa.
Most recently I've done two fashion videos that have still photos as well. The first was for Robert Black's new vintage clothing boutique and the second was for Such deep talent on both shoots, Ford models Lauren and Kyle and Jeanne who is with IMG and then the second with Josh who is with Wilhelmina in L.A. I am one lucky lady! I will add the videos here once I get them both. The first is on Youtube under Robert Black Fashion if you want to see it.
I've been working hard at the makeup counter as well, even part time takes dedication and focus. I've learned so much and hope to continue to expand my knowledge. I love beautiful skin and we can all have it. Take good care by keeping your face clean, exfoliated and well moisturized!
Working on goals in the new year. I want to expand my client base and prove my skill set. I truly love what I do and hope to make beautiful faces for a very long time!
Best to you all, thank you for stopping by! I will attempt to be here much more often. Let me know what you'd like to know from me, that will help me bunches.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Time Flies By

The summer is getting away from me. I vowed at the end of April I would fill my time with shoots, tests, and new photographers to create a new book for fall; and so far it's happening.
Im thrilled seeing new work, just wish it wasn't so taxing on my personal life. I'm so happy with what I'm accomplishing.
About a month ago I did a shoot with a new photographer and we shot a portfolio for a male actor, see the images above.
Reading a great book by Way Bandy, Designing your FACE. Amazing instruction and this guy was Kevin Achoin's mentor/idol. Definate must have if you're an mua or just want to know solid rules of mu.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Music Video released today!

I am like soooo happy! I worked with a band I met some time ago on a photo shoot. It was my lucky day I was at the shoot with Easton Ashe. The guys are so funny, nice and cool to hang with and talk about talent.

They recently put a great song into video form and asked me to do hair and makeup. I gladly accepted and what you see is the final result.

Working on a video set is a challenge, when you have 5 faces and lots of hair to maintain you spend time all over the place. The female lead had no challenges to combat and her hair was simple and easy to work with. No secrets other than check and double check for wear and tear and the initial application is solid. The guys were less of a challenge, all are great looking guys with few blemishes so we were good to go. I like several of the new HD foundations, Smashbox and MUFE are first go to's. I also adore Face Atlier, like butta baby!

Check out the video and I'd love to hear your comments about my work!
xo Lorri

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rock Boys

One of my personal favorite faces to work on is a rocker boy or musician in general. Always personality, always macho and they are always unique. There is such a great feeling in helping guys realize how they can have makeup on and just be perfected but still themselves naturally!

Over the weekend I ran into some friends at a bar so random and it just so happened the next morning they were shooting and I was free.

The singer of the band is S. Tarsha, he was in Adler's Appetite for a bit. Great guy, and the rest of the band is amazing as well, ICON!

I love photo shoots!

I've been working alot. Between being at a makeup counter and doing your own work feels like a whirlwind of days go by before you see daylight.

Thursday was a fab day! Shot with a great photographer producing a jewelry ad for the owners store. The day started with the photographer, myself, model #1, jewelry store owner and his assistant, wardrobe stylist, marketing guy and finally the security guard. Yep, closed set because we had lots and lots of diamonds to display (lucky models). Models were staggered and we went from 9am to 5pm so long day!

The client really likes the "Kim Kardashian" makeup look so did lots of nude lips and sculpted faces. The last model of the day was brought in by the owner and we went old hollywood with her. Super fun doing hair too, love that part of my job!

When doing a big job like this I find it's so much easier having a pallette with lots of wells for alcohol, brush cleaner etc. I try to set up my station much like at a makeup counter so I can maintain a very sanitary space and tools. That's my tip for the day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It seems I am always networking with someone. I don't mind because I like people and to stay on top of what is going on with who. It gets frustrating when you just want to meet with someone and talk about how you can help each other and it turns into a big process.

Here is an example from today.
A photographer friend of mine recommended I get in touch with some photographers I haven't worked with yet and have great talent. In an effort to break the ice I sent emails. Some never respond so you follow up, others who do respond say things like "Im not in charge of my schedule I will pass you on to my asst, I don't do alot of testing so I will pass you on to my art director, great work thanks for contacting me." How do you get to the next step which is get in front of them to meet face to face? Going to the next level isn't always about your talent or who you should be working with.
It's about your skill set and how well you can network into that next level.

sheesh, what a web we crawl around on haha